Calling QSH utilities from PASE

QSH provides a wonderful utility called db2 which allows you to run SQL queries from within the QSH shell, but what if you're in a QP2TERM shell or using SSH - what then?

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Fetching Python Database Cursors by Column Name

Today I got asked if you can index in to rows returned by ibm_db_dbi by column name. While this doesn't come out of the box, it can be done pretty easily.

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Mucking with the Runtime Library Search Path on PASE

In my last blog I showed how the LIBPATH gets used and also how the runtime search path in the binary gets used. LIBPATH is obviously set as an environment variable, but how does that runtime search path get generated? Let's explore!

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LIBPATH... How Does It Work?

So in the last entry, I described the differences between PATH and LIBPATH, but I didn't really explain how LIBPATH is actually used. I'm going to rectify that in this entry. First, though, we need to take a detour and learn how programs get loaded.

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I see this kind of tip suggested a lot when dealing with PASE issues:

export PATH=/my/path/bin:/other/path/bin:$PATH
export LIBPATH=/my/path/bin:/other/path/bin:$LIBPATH

That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works!

This misguided suggestion bugs me to no end, so today I'm here to educate and clear up confusion over LIBPATH.

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