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IBM i Open Source Updates December 2021

3 minute read

Just because the last couple months were quiet doesn’t mean that nothing’s going on. Case in point, the last month of 2021 saw a ton of updates, though many ...

IBM i Open Source Updates July 2021

1 minute read

Back with another overdue update, this time for July. Big news this month, which had been hinted at for a while. Did you figure it out ahead of time? New Pac...

IBM i Open Source Updates June 2021

1 minute read

Hey, it’s been a while! I got way behind on pushing out update blogs, so I’ll be pushing out updates to catch up on the 2021 and try to be more consistent fo...

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IBM-provided Repositories and YUM Updates

1 minute read

Today, we’re pushing out an update to YUM which will automatically pull in a new ibmi-repos package. The ibmi-repos package will provide two “new” repositori...

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IBM i Open Source Updates December 2020

6 minute read

Being the holiday and end of year season here in Rochester, things are wrapping up for the year so I figured I’d put out my December update now instead of ne...

getjobid, cl, and liblist — Oh, My!

6 minute read

With the latest update to BASH, there are 3 new IBM i-specific BASH builtin functions: liblist, cl, and getjobid. These builtins function nearly identically ...

IBM i Open Source Updates Apr 2020

1 minute read

April seemed very busy to me, but it ended up being rather mild in what we actually delivered. I suspect that means that my May update will be a rather large...

IBM i Open Source Updates Jan 2020

4 minute read

Well, I hadn’t planned to take this long to get out another blog, but the world of OSS moves fast and things have been very busy around here. I’m planning on...

IBM i Open Source Updates Dec 2019

5 minute read

It’s a new year and so I’m finally getting around to doing something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now: write a blog series about various updates about ...

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Bash Command Oddities

2 minute read

Sometimes when using bash, you can run in to an oddity where it keeps running the “wrong” command. Let’s go through a scenario:

Calling QSH utilities from PASE

2 minute read

QSH provides a wonderful utility called db2 which allows you to run SQL queries from within the QSH shell, but what if you’re in a QP2TERM shell or using SSH...

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LIBPATH… How Does It Work?

6 minute read

So in the last entry, I described the differences between PATH and LIBPATH, but I didn’t really explain how LIBPATH is actually used. I’m going to rectify th...


2 minute read

I see this kind of tip suggested a lot when dealing with PASE issues:

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First Post

less than 1 minute read

First post here. More to come later. Happy X-mas to you all!

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