April seemed very busy to me, but it ended up being rather mild in what we actually delivered. I suspect that means that my May update will be a rather large update. 😉

NOTE: I said last time I was going to update on the other things my team was working on, but April got very busy and then I went on vacation so I wasn't able to get to it. That post is still coming, but since we're over halfway through May, it seemed better to get the April updated out first.

Package Updates

  • freetype was updated to 2.10.1
  • libuv was updated to 1.35

Package Fixes

Python 3

Python 3 was patched for CVE-2019-18348 and CVE-2020-8492.


chsh was updated to handle a job with CCSID(65535). Previously, this would fail with

SQL Error: Character conversion between CCSID 1208 and CCSID 65535 not valid. (sqlstate=57017, sqlcode=-332)
Error: Unable to set shell

GNU patch

GNU patch was patched to handle having no limit on the number of open files (ulimit -n unlimited). This would cause patch to try to allocate gigabytes of memory which would fail and cause patch to exit with

/QOpenSys/pkgs/bin/patch: **** out of memory


The tmux package was updated to require the correct version of libutil it needed. Previously, it was possible to install tmux with an older version of libutil and then tmux would fail to start with missing symbol loader errors.


This is more of a developer fix, but libiconv-devel package now puts the header files for libiconv directly in /QOpenSys/pkgs/include instead of /QOpenSys/pkgs/include/libiconv. This makes it easier to build packages against GNU libiconv instead of the PASE iconv library. Compatibility symlinks have been created in /QOpenSys/pkgs/include/libiconv for existing packages that expect them there.


Well, that was April! Kinda boring, but you know what they say: "April showers, bring May flowers" 😉.