August is up, let's check it out.

New Packages


Ncdu stands for "NCurses Disk Usage" and is a curses-based equivalent to the standard du Unix command and TUI equivalent to tools like WinDirStat or QDirStat.

Ncdu screenshot

Not only can you visualize the hierarchical storage usage, but you can also clean up unneeded files directly from the tool.

As far as I know, this only works on files in the Root and QOpenSys filesystems.


c-ares is an asychronous DNS resolver from the same authors as curl.

Package Updates


Updated to 1.42.0, fixing a vlan crash issue.


A fix was added for the %py_shebang_fix macro which was causing erroneous error messages printed from yum:

error: Macro %if has illegal name (%define)
error: Macro %endif has empty body


psutil was previously packaged for Python 3.6 and now packaged for Python 3.9, along with being updated to version 5.8.0.

Other Updates


Come back Friday for September updates!